Direct Drive Air Screw Compressors

Direct Driven series compressors eliminate the disadvantages of the compressoras which are operating with belt/pulley system.Minimum transmission loss: Contrary to the conventional type connections, electric motor and screw block is connected to each other directly in coupled series. In coupled compressor interconnected with direct (1:1) drive, trnsmission loss arising from the power transmission is reduced to zero.

Minimum Failure and Service Cost
Since no interconnection is used for power transmission, it comprises less components. Moreover, our low-speed and high air efficiency provider compressors are exposed to less friction and service life of internal elements such as screw block and bearing increase 3-4 times and service & failure costs are minimised.

Minimum Speed – Maximum Efficiency
Screw block which is creating compressed air has the most important part in long service life and efficiency of a screw air compressor. If the screw block provides the required efficiency at the as lowest speed as possible, it will be exposed to less friction and all parts of screw block, both screw and screw bearings, will not continue to operate without any performance loss. 

The radiator used in our products is calculated so as not to create a temperature problem even under the tough conditions, and its placement in the cabin is positioned to provide an equal cooling.

Axial type fan is used between 22 kW and 55 kW models.

All our models between 55 kW and 315 kW are used and radial fans developed and manufactured by the aykom compressor.

Screw block selection is very important due to the one-to-one transfer in direct drive products. Screw group selections made by Aykom compressor engineering are matched with the models in long test results and compressors are produced for long years in the service of your company.

By the help of the microprocessor control panel we used in our products, compressor control is always in your hand! With the ATV 4.2 panel, you can see all operating and maintenance times, as well as 20 backward errors . Thanks to the control panel, you can monitor the information on the compressor and at the same time it offers you the opportunity to remotely control the compressor.

The specially designed compressor cabinet has been designed to allow ease of service and maximum performance of the cooling system.

Thanks to the sound curtains and air louvers in the cabin, the sound of the compressor is minimized.

 It also contains fewer components in power transmission because it does not use any interconnection. In addition, our compressors, which offer low rpm and high air efficiency, are exposed to less friction and can be used for screws, bearings, etc. It increases the life of our internal elements by 3-4 times, and minimizes maintenance and breakdown costs.

Water Cooling System:  The cooling system of the compressor is provided by air, if requested, our products can be produced with water cooling system.

Heat Exchanger: You can use heat energy which is released from compressor. Such as, hot water, heating work place and production processes.

Variable Energy Options: Apart from 380 volt 50 hz 3 phase motors that we use in our compressors, products suitable for variable voltages and frequencies are among our product options.

Use of Food-grade Oil: Apart from the special ROTOIL oils used in our products, food-grade oils can be used for solutions suitable for the food industry.

Aykom Compressors have CE quality certificate and produced according to the machine safety regulation.

Aykom compressors are offered under 2-year warranty including electrical parts.

Aykom compressor provides wide service network and spare parts to all over the World.

You can get information about technical services from and +90 232 878 1997.



Direct Drive Air Screw Compressor




Flow rate (m3/min) Motor Power Voltage/Phase Outlet Diameter Dimensions(W x L x H)
7 (pressure) 10  (pressure) 13  (pressure) kW/hp volt inch mm
ATV-22 A 4,08 3,40 2,55 22/30 400/3 11/4" 850X1390X1560
ATV-30 A 5,50 4,93 3,68 30/40 400/3 11/2" 1150X1900X1500
ATV-37 A 6,38 5,55 5,02 37/50 400/3 11/2" 1150X1900X1500
ATV-45 A 7,60 7,28 6,26 45/60 400/3 11/2" 1150X1900X1500
ATV-55 A 9,47 9,28 7,27 55/75 400/3 2" 1300X2200X1800
ATV-75 A 12,06 11,98 8,96 75/100 400/3 2" 1300X2200X1800
ATV-90 A 16,24 13,20 11,86 90/125 400/3 2" 1500X2650X2235
ATV-110 A 19,46 16,14 13,08 110/150 400/3 2" 1500X2650X2235
ATV-132 A 22,06 19,31 15,98 132/180 400/3 2" 1500X2650X2235
ATV-160 A 26,38 24,38 20,75 160/220 400/3 21/2" 1740X3000X2555
ATV-200 A 34,50 30,76 24,00 200/270 400/3 21/2" 1740X3000X2555
ATV-250 A 44,20 37,60 30,58 250/340 400/3 3" 1920X3400X2636
ATV-315 A 55,00 43,76 41,61 315/420 400/3 3" 1920X3400X2636